Sunday, May 13, 2012

Word Press Memory Size Errors: a (hopefully) simple fix

I was very excited to have gotten my website finalized last night at around 3 a.m.   I posted the link at all my social media sites and was about to go to bed when I thought to add just one more thing.  I just wanted to add ONE MORE, but when I did I broke the back-end of my blog.  Now I can’t log onto it and, when I try, I get the error message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in”….

My web host is Network Solutions.  I did some research and I am putting out the word for anyone else that comes across this problem.  Here is the deal; If you get an error like this then you tried to stick too much data on your Word Press site.  You need to increase the memory capacity of your hosting service in order to run the applications that are supporting your site.  You could go in to your WP-admin folder and change the PHP script there, so that you can have a capacity of 64 M.  See the following discussion for a how-to (

Word Press Fatal Error

If, however, you are running your site on Network Solutions, then you cannot do that.  You will, instead, have to create a php.ini file and upload that to the cgi-bin folder of your root directory.  I don’t know how to write the php code to execute an increase in memory.  I will be calling Network Solutions tomorrow.  If I can get them to send me the file, then I will post the code here tomorrow, otherwise I will have to keep working on it.  Once I get it, then I will post it to my blog.  Seeing as I am posting a link straight from Network Solutions, it would seem like this was a straight forward problem to source, but it wasn’t.  I am not a programmer so I am learning as I go.  Here is a link to more info about the issue.

For the meantime, I must continue using this Blogger blog for my updates.  I know, it is very sad and I am distraught enough as it is, so please don’t remind me if I talk to you personally.  On the other hand, if you know how to fix my Word Press, I will more than welcome your input.  Many Thanks!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Website is Complete

This blog has been migrated to .

Please come join me there.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Free One-Way Ticket To A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I have been thinking a lot about what things have worked for me in my life and what things have not.  Tonight, I am going to share with you one of the most amazing and magical tools that I have in my arsenal.  When you hear what it is you may think to yourself “how cliché” or “how stodgy”, but to buffer these sentiments I will share with you one of my personal experiences.

Do you believe in God?  If not, do you believe in some force that is more powerful than you?  What about the spirit or the energies?  Maybe a higher form of self or the great I AM?  What about reason?  Do you believe in reason enough that you could say you believe in the God of Reason?  The purpose for which I ask is that the tool that I want to share with you tonight is somewhat infeasible if you don’t believe in anything…. But even at that, I bet it would still work if you try.

What I am talking about tonight is prayer, the power of a simple prayer; in this case, a prayer that is repeated every night for 90 days.  First, I will share a bit of my story and then I will share the prayer. 

When I was in my early twenties, I was like the average young person in America these days.  That’s to say, I was by no means rich.  I didn’t have a career or a place of my own.  To be honest, I had only done a few years of college, but I had not completed my university studies.  I could have been further ahead at the time, but I had been too busy checking out what was happening around the good ole US of A.

I had come to a point in my life, however, where I wanted to get serious and make a future for myself.  I wanted to cultivate a profession through which I could contribute to society and the environment.  Maybe I was just growing up but, whatever the case may be, I was led to make a change in my life. 

In this same time period, my aunt and uncle gave me a book titled the Prayer of Jabez.  They said that they had prayed it for my cousins and it must have worked because my cousins were going all sort of great places with their lives.  So, I got this book and I read it.  I prayed the prayer of Jabez every night for 90 days.  I may have even prayed it in the morning too.  This is how the prayer goes:

"Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain." I Chronicles 4:10 NKJV


        By praying this I was simply asking God to enlarge my territory (expand the geographical territory of my life) and be with me as I go.  I am here to say tonight, that if you pray this prayer often and repeatedly, if you can bring yourself to believe in something when you do, then strap on your seat belt because you are in for an incredible journey.

Power of Prayer
Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

I believe that my praying this prayer in trust has everything to do with my world travels.  I saw Mt. Everest and hiked the Isla del Sol in Bolivia.  I prayed at the Tomb of Apostle John in Turkey and I rung in the New Year dancing the night away in Prague.  I have jumped off the cliffs in Rio de Janeiro and flown across the coast to reach the ground.  I have learned to make my way, on my own, through any country in the world and I am not afraid. 

Of course, I am not stupid either… there are measures of safety that I follow, but what I am saying is that this prayer came true.  It came true for me when I did not even really know what I was praying it for.  It came true in magical ways, even when I had no vision for the outcome whatsoever.  If you want your life to change in incredible ways, believe in something and try prayer, it works!

So, lately I really felt like I wanted to do something incredible with my life.  I really, really want to live a life where I am able to help people and make a positive impact on the world around me.  I figured that the most magical way for me to do this is for me to start another prayer regime, like I did with the prayer of Jabez.

I started this prayer regime on April 21st, 2012 and I am here to say, folks, that I almost immediately stumbled onto the most incredible new path for my life.  I have met people that are really changing the world.  I have met people that doing the impossible.  I have met people that are free from limits that the world tries to force on us.  I have been made aware of an entirely new venue through which I can help people.  This venue embraces my childhood dreams, my unceasing flow of creative ideas, and my relentless workaholism.  I absolutely could not be more excited to see where God ends up taking me on this prayer.  This is how it goes, and goodnight.
A Prayer for Blessed Service:
Dear God, let your will for me be known. 

Use me, oh God, as your creation. 
When a kind word needs to be spoken, use my voice. 
When a load needs to be lifted, use my back. 
When a hug needs to be given, use my arms. 
When a journey needs to be taken, use my feet. 
When a message needs to be delivered, use my mind. 
When a friend needs to be loved, use my heart.
In all things, in all ways, 
use me God, as your instrument of love, faith, peace and tranquility.
© 2002-2010 by Vicky Thompson

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Self-Publication: A Success Plan for the Indie Writer

Self-Publication: A Success Plan for the Indie Writer

Tantra, Laos, Indie Writing
Reading and writing in
Laung Praubang, Laos
To facilitate indie book-writing success, there are many things that you should do before releasing your first book.  Developing a social platform is paramount.  It is also important to have a website where you can house your books, blogs, and related multimedia creations.  It is an excellent idea to start an email subscriber list before your book release.  Readers who have subscribed to your email list may be willing to provide pre-release book reviews.  These reviews can give you ideas for last-minute book edits and they can be used in support of your Amazon portfolio. 

Twitter is an absolutely incredible way to meet top-notch writers and to increase awareness of your work and the work of writer’s you admire.  It is a good idea to release your book cover and summary before releasing the book itself.  This will help you to increase reader awareness and get your book “on the radar” prior to the book launch.

I have spent a fair bit of this weekend working on my indie writing platform.  I have been following at least five new people a day on Twitter, and making sure to engage in dialogue with at least one of them per day.  This has been very cool because I have become acquainted with some travel writers that are doing simply incredible things with their lives.  After having read and watched some of their work, I have become very excited about the potential for my own creative work through my book-writing platform. 

In particular, I am very much looking forward to creating a few video-casts for my readers.  Of my foreign friends, some very talented artists have generously expressed an interest in supporting my video-casts with their music and videography.  I have the scripting on paper already and I have the software needed to develop the final video product.  I think that video-casting through YouTube and Vimeo may someday be one of my favorite outlets for social engagement with my readers.

Freedom, Safety & the Sacred Sensual
Upcoming Book Release -
WORLD TRAVEL: Escaping the Rat Race
Earlier today I used Abobe Illustrator with a few of my travel photos in order to create a book cover.  I set up my domain name and email address with Network Solutions (my email address is  I have switched my hosting package over from my other domain name, but the changes have not finalized so I am not able to make edits to my website just yet. 
I am primarily going to run my website on Word Press.  I will develop the site myself; until I have gotten established enough in my writing to justify the expense of, perhaps, hiring a professional developer.  I am anxious to make the website changes so that I can have my work consolidated at one reliable and personal web address.  

Today, I will also sit down and make an overall plan for my writing work.   This plan will include daily goals and long-term goals.  It will also include scheduled time for things in my life that support my personal brand.  What I mean by that is, I want to make sure that I stay very active in all of the things for which I stand (ie; Environmental Stewardship, Technology, Writing, Spirituality, International Travel, Social Justice, Freedom).  These are the areas where I believe that I have the most to give, so it’s important for me to stay strong in them.

I did not come up with all of these ideas on my own. Quite to the contrary, I have the great fortune to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have come before me.  I have spent a lot of time listening to the insightful podcasts of self-publisher Joanna Penn (  Through these podcasts I have become familiar with the spectacular works of other travelers and indie writers, such as Chris Guillebeau, Alastair Humphreys, and Jane Friedman.  Joanna Penn and these other writers are hugely inspiring to me.  I am very grateful for the things I have learned from them already.

Twitter:                               LillianPierson
Facebook Author Page:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Developing a Social Platform as an Indie Writer

Developing a Social Platform as an Indie Writer

World Expo, Shanghai 2010
Self-pub information overload!  Absolute information overload!  In true Lillian style, of course I have outdone myself with over-emersion in my latest and greatest passion.  It has all really got me to thinking.  Self-publishing is a long and bold journey where I get to learn new truths about myself, as I share some of the most personal things about myself with the world.

“Branding”, we have all heard the word, but did you know that if you’re going to be an author you should brand yourself?   I have now gone and thought of all of the things for which I stand. I picked a few of them to develop into my personal “Lillian Pierson” brand.   It’s like “who is Lillian Pierson in 25 words or less?” Com’on?!?  My Brand: Environmental Stewardship, Technology, Writing, Spirituality, International Travel, Social Justice, Freedom.  Those are the things that I love, and so that is my brand.  I am definitely open to ideas for how I can title that brand, if you have any…

Here is an off-the-cuff list of things I have heard that I need to do, or have, in order to be a successful self-publisher.  A really hot website, a current blog, a strong social media presence, an editor, a cover designer, ISBN codes, a business license, a teaser, media assistance if possible, et al.  Well, guess what I found out.  That stuff costs money, and lots of it! 

I started to get stressed and anxious until I realized that this sentiment defeats the entire purpose of self-publishing.  Heck, if I can’t pay for all that stuff, I will do it myself.  Isn’t that what “indie” is all about?  I am an engineer; I should be able to handle all of it on my own.  Plus, if I do, I can write about all the tricks that I learn so that my readers can learn to do the same for themselves if they so choose.  It’s a win-win all around!

I have had a real case of information overload going on here.  I had to step back and re-evaluate.  It seems that, with the explosion of internet technology, a person really needs to develop a cognitive model with which to harness new information.  If one does not create some sort of structure and function within the stream of internet information that is available, the lack of organization could potentially render the information useless. 

Keeping in mind all that I have learned, I developed my own strategy and goals.  My mission is to help people by sharing knowledge with them that can change their lives, and consequently, change the world in which they are living.  I also want to help people who are already helping people in that way.  I want to stay focused on who I am best suited to help, and how I can help them.  This is my sole mission, and I don’t want to put any cart before that horse.

If you are going to read my work, then one thing that you will notice is that I am a spiritual gal.  I never prescribed my beliefs on to anyone else, and I seek to learn from the beliefs of others, but at my core I am a spiritual person.  This being said, I have strong faith that I will be shown what to do and when to do it.  The right people will cross my path.  The right opportunities will unfold.  I need to put forth the effort to prepare myself the best that I can, but preparation doesn’t mean stress.  It doesn’t mean competition.  It doesn’t mean force.  To me, this will be a labor of pure love and of nothing else.