Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Adventure: On the Track to Self-Publishing

So, a long rest after my Peru/Bolivia adventure, I find myself back at it again.  This time I have decided that I will finally actualize my childhood dream by authoring some non-fiction books.  My first book, or series of books, will be about the hows and whys of independent travel.  I will focus mainly on the developing world.  I am keen on this subject because I know that there are billions of people out there who want to travel, but have not done so because of a self-imposed limitation.  Most of these limitations would be eradicated if people actually knew the facts about what it is like out there and what it takes to go.  I have insight on these topics.  

Additionally, I am very excited about the idea of having my books translated and sold to readers outside of the USA.  Knowledge is power.  My heart breaks for a large portion of women around the world, who are stifled and trapped, not because of oppression but because of lack of knowledge.  I would give anything I have to make a difference for people in situations like this.  I see writing and knowledge-sharing as one vector whereby I can make a difference.

I have been studying up and doing my research, of course.  There are some absolutely incredible indie writers out there, and I have been blown away by their willingness to share helpful information through social media and pod-casts.  I have been listening to a pod-cast series that is put together by Joanna Penn (  I could not begin to name all of the interviewees that I admire the most, but I do know that I am greatly impressed by the work and character of a woman named Jane Friedman (  I read some of her blog posts and I was delighted at the helpfulness and good-manner that is embedded within everything she has to say.  I have really gotten a lot out of the work that these two ladies are doing.

I have learned that its really not as easy as just writing a book and then publishing it.  I have learned that this is only half the work.  The other half is in embracing the audience.  It is in positioning one's self and presenting one'e self so that readers are able to best receive the messages that you are trying to convey.  Cuz really, what good is it if a person has an important message, yet is unable to present it in a way where people can receive it?  None whatsoever.

In keeping with this principle, I am  rekindling my blog.  I am working with my South American friend to get my writing website designed and up.  Once I have this, then I will be transitioning this blog to that site.  I will be creating an email list, whereby I can interact with my readers in order to get information about their interests and needs.  My plan is to issue a series of mini-books for all the e-readers out there.  My first book may be a bit longer though, just because I really want to go all out and get this whole self-publishing thing calibrated in my mind.  I am thinking that it would be really fun to put together a screen-cast in preparation for the launching of the first book.  I am on the look-out for a good indie videographer in the Central Florida area.  If you know of anyone, please let me know.

I have a Twitter account and I am trying to get situated in learning how to really utilize the thing.   I have a day job of course, so I cannot do any of the social media or book writing until the evening hours.  I don't tweet or commment, or anything else, while at work.   I love my position and want to make sure I give it everything I have while I am on-the-job.  If you are on Twitter though, please find me.  If you know how to work the thing, I would definitely like some pointers please.  I have a Google+, but I have decided not to utilize this very much for the time being.  I hope to make my Facebook Page my most active forum for social media sharing, but we will see.

Twitter: LillianPierson
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I am very excited about this new expedition.  I am really looking forward to getting to know my readers and hearing about what is happening in their minds and lives.  I am excited to get the chance to hopefully offer some solutions, and if not, at least share some useful information.  Thank you for the chance.


  1. You're definitely on the right track following Jo (creativepenn) - she taught me all I know about self publishing!

    1. Thanks so much Alastair! Your interview with Penn was spectacular and I am so inspired by all of your work.


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